What is dropfruit?


The Dropfruit App is a brand new peer to peer network that allows anyone to make money by growing fresh food for the Dropfruit network. Dropfruit users have access to our network of growers where they can pick the fresh food for a small fee. 

Heres how it works...

You download Dropfruit from the Google play store. Sign-up for an account, you can choose a free or subscription based account. As a Dropfruit free user, you will have access to all of the Dropfruit trees on public property. In order to get access to our network of “Dropfruit Growers”, you will need to sign up for a subscription based account.

As a “Dropfruit Grower”, you have the ability to plant your own tree, vegetable, or fruit garden and drop your location on the Dropfruit map and our users will check-in to your location and pay you for your harvest. You set the price (within our price guide), the time, and days that our users could check-in. Every time some checks-in, you get paid. when the “Dropfruit Forager” picks and pays, you will be able to rate and leave a comment. 

Dropfruit is aimed towards eliminating the global food waste problem by connecting you back to the plants that feed us. In order to change the way we waste, we must first change the way we consume.

Dropfruit will be available in the Google Play 2019.  You can pre-register to be one of the first to try Dropfruit.

Currently the Dropfruit network is available in Canada. We plan on expanding operations into other countries by September 2019.

Stay tuned for more information about the Dropfruit app and our launch date.


Grow. Drop. Earn.